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. the president's healthcare reform law turns three tomorrow and for the first time, democrats join republicans to take a step back. tonight, chief national correspondent jim angling sets the staple for obamacare future looking at -- sets the stage for obam obamacare's futu. >> broad majority of the senate voted 79-20 last night to repeal part of obamacare. a tax on medical devices from hip replacements to mri machines. >> this is about innovation about jobs. >> other taxes are in place, including a $100 billion tax on insurance premiums. that will cause the average person $100 a year. part of the financing for what the president sees as his signature policy achievement. >> after a historic vote, healthcare reform is not an unmet promise. law of the land. >> some of those who know the business next are skeptical. >> a great misconception about the obamacare is just because you have health insurance you will get adequate healthcare. nothing could be further from the truth. >> obamacare will pay less to providers and increase number of insured by 30 million. >> patients don't get the services ren
and received a response saying it would not comment on the report. >>> today, healthcare advocates supported the healthcare act of the six million californians will gain insurance. >>> for years, a house in richmond has been more than just an eye sore. residents around chancellor avenue and second street attracted a criminal element. it was reduced to rubble today in a matter of minutes >> reporter: neighbors and city officials told us they've been waiting for this house to be torn down for a long time. >> we had to determine who owned the property, the lienholder and we had to go to court. neighbors say the property in the city iron triangle has been abandoned for years. the house was a magnet for illegal dumping, drug dealing and squatters. >> it sustained three fires over the past three years so it's just an attractive nuisance that needed to be taken care of. >> it obtained a court order to have the house demolished. wells farge agreed to pay for it. >> many of us had talk to the property, even at the school they would talk about this house and how it was bad for the area. >> in a neighb
't be eligible because of issues. >> we came, we saw. we passed healthcare. >> dave: they celebrated celebrated the affordable care act three year anniversary. >> when people have access to a doctor or clinic they use emergency services less. >> the challenge is getting the word out about covered california, where people will sign up. >> california is ahead of the game. >> reporter: while advocates give california good marks they say they need to finish the job in expanding medical to absorb the people who will be insured. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> happening now, family and friends are getting ready to honor a musician who was struck and killed by a train. ktvu's cara liu is live. >> reporter: we are under an ahour away from this -- an hour away from this vigil. this location, the group [no audio] >> reporter: he won a musical contest with the organization. volunteers and friends say he has the kind of talent you rarely see and they were shocked to learn of his death when the student was hit by a train. he was a special young artist whose spirit will live on in his music. >> arti
. that plan would cut spending, defund the president's healthcare plan, and privatize medicare. >> repealing obama care means more jobs and lower healthcare costs for the american people. >> the first vote was about substance. the second was about keeping government open. we want to remove all doubt, that for whatever our disagreement on some of these bills, it was worth it. >> it leaves in place $85 billion in cuts to the pentagon and domestic programs. >>> new at 10:00, a series of concerted needed to raise money for the america's cup is raising concerns among those who live near the san francisco waterfront. amber lee attended a community meeting tonight, where organizers are trying to ease concerns about noise, traffic, and security. >> reporter: we're at pier 29. the concerts will be held at an amphitheater set to go up beyond this fence in less than two weeks. the first concert is scheduled for may 31. organizers say a series of concerts are needed to help pay for the races. a largely free event for the public. >> it's going to be a great experience for everybody. >> reporter: this is
the healthcare law. the senate has not passed a budget in four years so this marks the first time many of the newest senators go on the record voting for or against spending or higher taxes. the budget would be nonbinding so would act as guidelines for the u.s. government. but at the heart of the debate, how do you reduce the government's massive budget debt, and changes in taxes and spending. today the top democrat and the republican had their say. >> both sighs favor closing took loopholes that favor the wealthiest americans, and the senate thinks shouldsome revenue should be idea to tackle the deficit and invest in the middle class, not just simply cut tax rates for the rich. >> usually you can tax more and spend more and borrow more and that will somehow create growth and prosperity. i believe we have had four years of that experiment, which i fundamentally doubted and opposed from the beginning. and it hasn't worked. >> shepard: regardless of whether it's worked or hasn't, the insiders say the democratic budget will likely pass. mike emanuel is in washington. how has the vote been
could more than double. that's if the new healthcare law kicks in. we told you this would be a mess and now we're going to make you sick when we show you how much. >>> the next time someone tells you inflation is not a problem. grab ahold of your new healthcare premiums' shove it in their face. might make them sick. health insurance premiums are about to double, on top of increases that have become the norm. michael tapper says it's hitting hard and fast. and it's going to keep hitting? >> that's right. we saw about 11 to 18% increases last year. and now insurance companies are predicting even bigger increases for the coming years. >> neil:art of this is simply coming out of the recession. during the recession premiums were kept artificially low. you see part of that from that. part is also due to the patient protection and affordable care act, obamacare, that increased the number of benefits covered by small group and individual plans and going to provide more comprehensive insurance. that's more expensive. >> neil: i guess this shouldn't surprise me but you make a lot of promises
healthcare to the drivers and the mta should be helpful in reducing the payment for those so that we can afford to do that. 50/50 and we're submitting a proposal to you and we're going to do a more comprehensive in the coming days. >> thank you look forward to seeing it. >> bill mo u.n. dsey. >> good afternoon directors taxi drivers. the train has left. it's brakes have failed. it's going at fullest speed and will crash somewhere. nobody can stop it. she is a liar. she has constantly abuses her power. she continues to give misstatement at each level she's working on a contingent contingency basis not reality. what's going to happen near by? you are not listening to drivers. very soon a strike is coming. the whole city will be blocked. applause. this city will be blocked they are so angry they are telling me. nobody will be able to enter the city please listen to the drivers do not be dumbing anybody it's a serious issue. you are scared. you are talking little bit little bit no. you need an intelligent smart guy more smart than hube r give me the power i'll show you how to
of the program. it's because of over all healthcare costs in this country. if you want to his medicare, you have to take aim at healthcare costs. it's simply not the same as any problems that are facing social security. when you put them together you're really misleading the public. >> john: now you make me want to talk about single payer. i love the way you refuted all of these talking points. michael hiltzik of the "l.a. times." thank you for writing this article for "the l.a. times." >> my pleasure. >> john: congress finally did something about gun control yesterday. they loosened it. you didn't know that? my panel of non-experts join me to talk about it next. for true stories. with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines. real, gripping, current. documentaries... on current tv. [ male announcer ] to many men, shaving can be a sensitive issue. but take comfort. it may not be you; it may be your razor. upgrade to gillette fusion proglide. our micro-thin blades are thinner than a surgeon's scalpel to put less stress on your skin by gliding through
republicans to reveal new tax on medical devices, as part of the president's healthcare reform law. that law turned three years old tomorrow. senators a in the hour are engaged in what call vote-orama. roll call votes with very little time in between. they try to come up with the first budget in four years to leave town for the easter recess. president obama is in jordan tonight. you may have heard the government made a huge purchase of ammunition. you may have also heard there is sinister reason behind it. we have look at the facts. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00. now back to new york and "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ freddie university of tennessee announceed they changed positions. won't support a stunt-led sex week. the x-rated exhibition have events i can't mention here because my mom is watching and she expects more from me. but still, the college is allowing up to 7 grand from students to help pay for this. mom and dad are the ones getting screwed. here is why. stuff like this is introduced on campus, not to inform anyone but to blow your mind with the organizers' candi
that program for financial reasons and quality healthcare reasons. this will drive of the cost of health coverage for every single american. it will decrease access to healthcare for virtually everything american. i suggest it will decrease quality because of the lack of innovation and resources being put in the area. and there is a board of 15 unelected bureaucrats to determine whether or not seniors are going to be able to get the services they need. that is the wrong way to go. we believe it ought to be repealed for quality healthcare reasons and put in place a patient-centered program. it would allow patients and doctors to make the decisions, not the federal government. host: if that is not repealed, how does the ryan budget treat its debts otherwise? aspirationals are documents, they are visionary documents. we had one from the democrats and we are appreciative they're doing one this year. we need to find common ground and move forward with the program that everybody agrees upon. until then, a budget is not a law. we believe it is important to repeal the president's health- care la
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, democrats criticized the bill's lack of funding to healthcare programs. "one of the core elements of the ryan budget plan that gives us real partisan concern is that it doesn't keep our promises to our seniors, to our veterans, to our most vulernable population." the budget has no chance of passing the senate. lawmakers leave capitol hill for a two week recess after today. is this a countdown to bankruptcy? the little island of cyprus, already on financial life support, its banks all closed this week, desperately needs a bail-out. so how do depositors get their money out? line up at the atm and hope it doesn't run out out of cash. the european central bank says if the country cannot reach a bailout deal by monday, then cyprus' banks would be cut off from any more emergency funds. the parliament of cyprus is working on a bill to restructure the country's banking system and allow its 2nd largest bank to open next tuesday. it's a busy season to go public. on thursday aviv priced in at the high end of its range at $20, raising $264 million. its stock jumped more than 14%, to $23 per s
are talking about obamacare three years later. dagen: healthcare costs is one reason companies are not hiring permanent full-time workers. by 2020, 40% of us will be working as freelancers. connell: a cyber threat for small u.s. businesses. just how dire the situation is. dagen: march madness. total madness. harvard ousting new mexico last night. love it. it is crazy. those stories and so much more coming up on markets now. ♪ connell: all right. let's do this. no basketball to watch yet. the stocks now every 15 minutes. nicole petallides. good morning. nicole: we have a market that is higher today across the board. not focusing too much on europe today at the moment. taking off and going back to what it has been used to which is plenty of up aeros. sitting at 14,000, almost 14,500. we are also seeing a majority of the dow component in the green. hewlett-packard and disney are the best of the bunch. on the downside, united healthcare is the loser of the day. we are watching names that came out with their quarterly numbers. we will continue to watch what happens in cyprus. dagen: thank you, n
obama. the healthcare loss would increase his cause by 150%. now he says the president plan to waive the minimum wage would cause employers to create fewer jobs. so glad to see you. we took a bunch of polls here at fox. we seem to know what is going on at home. >> they looked really good. it is good to be here. thank you. we have 68% of the people who believe that that is an immediate problem. i think only 27% agreed with that. a vast majority of people are very nervous about the economy. you have the majority of people who thought the sequester was a good thing. i do not think the obama people expected that. i think that really shows a lot more understanding of what is going on in the economy. the american people get it. we cannot borrow our way to prosperity. tracy: recently on yoko munoz show, you said if you cannot -- i guess you should not be running the country. >> i think people see that. when you have these ridiculous expenditures out there, a lot of stations have been going through ridiculous ones. you are really trying to make a political point. you are not trying to solve
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final adjustments to the final healthcare overhaul. here is a live look at the senate floor where the voting is expected to continue for hours. potentially keeping lawmakers up past midnight. oh. today's votes are mostly for show though. they are especially important for 32 lawmakers who have joined the senate since the last time they passed a budget. that was 2009. now many of those senators are going on the record for the first time. voting for or against changes in spending and tax hikes. mime immanuel is live on capitol hill. these votes, a lot more rapid fire than we are used to seeing out of that senate. >> that's right, shep. voting on anywhere from 25 to 30 amendments. the senate democrats' budget among the tough topics. abortion, taxes, and bailouts. so democrats on the 2014 ballot including mary ahead expeditiously. >> the senate will come to order. >> so i would just let all senators know you leave at your own peril. >> and senator murray's budget is expected to come up for a vote late night tonight with 55 democrats in the senate. it is expected to have enough support,
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against u.s. citizens, it could be taxes and repealing healthcare. the point to remember, this is adding on to a budget resolution. it is interesting and it may give people clues as to what appetites there are in the senate to pass or repeal certain elements of policy. host: the headline says the senate is poised to pass a budget. do you expect it to pass? guest: we do expect it to pass. behink the democrats will able to control the process and get it to pass. they have a small window. you would need vice president biden to come down and break the tie. the significance is, this is the result -- there is a lot of pent up frustration on the republican side. that is why we might see a late night tonight and into the morning. once it is passed, i think a lot of people will feel better and democrats will say we passed a budget. republicans will say we got to complain about this budget grade it is hard to see how the senate reconciles with the house budget. we don't know that there will be an effort made to bring the two together. they move in opposite directions. host: what happens after cong
is in health-care costs. the department made a series of decisions in the past decade, some to boost recruiting when it ran into difficulty attracting sufficient number of troops into the army in 2004. these include increased personnel benefits, health care pay.its, retirement i do not have time to go through all of these, but for example, to try care system, which serves active duty troops who are injured while serving in the war theater. troops before they are discharged or troops that do not meet active-duty and their families. the try care system is the fastest-growing, depending on the budget. from $18has risen billion in 2001 to $56 billion today, and this is largely the result of wartime decisions, including expanding to include national guard and reservists, which you did not before, because they made an out 40% of the fighting force, keeping copays extremely low so the price for troops in retirees was a timeline and -- is a tiny section of costs. during this time common and and now the cost of private sector health care has skyrocketed, so the differential between getting health care i
, we might see today drone strikes against u.s. citizens, taxes, repealing healthcare -- they might all come up, but it is adding to a nonbinding budget resolution, so it is interesting and it might give people clues. host: a headline in your sayscation, "the hill," the senate is poised to pass a budget. guest: i think democrats will control the process and get it passed. .hey have a small window they can afford five democrats to not vote for it and still pass it, and in that case you would need vice president joe biden to break the time. -- the thai. .- tie there is pent-up frustration on the republican side about no real budget debate over four years. once it is passed, a lot of people will feel better. democrats will say we passed a budget, republicans get to complain about the budget month but from there it is hard to see how the senate budget reconciles with the house budget. we are not aware that there will be an effort to bring them together and it is hard to imagine how they will marry them because they move in opposite directions. host: what happens after congress comes back fr
as a result of the budget process. we had one of those in 2010. this was part of the health-care debate. since, this is the first then where senators are offering unlimited amendments on a host of subjects that they have been dying to get the votes for over the past several years. >> this is an interesting confluence, because this weekend marks the third anniversary passage of the health care law. a couple of amendments deal with health care. >> we have already seen a couple of health care-related votes. there was a vote on last night's where the senate endorsed the idea of repealing a medical device tax that was part of the health care law. we have seen another failed bid to repeal the law. there will be other amendments, i think, that we are likely to see that will take pieces of the law, implementation timeline, something you will hear a lot today, and observers know, all of the stuff that is non-binding. we're not dealing with an appropriation bill here, so it is not like there is an amendment to find something as part of the debate. it does not have the same force of law as would be one t
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)